A downloadable game for Windows

Avoid clones as you collect coins in this arcade game!  


Left = Left arrow
Right = Right arrow

Restart = R

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Authorsamuel demaine

Install instructions

Download the ZIP and unpack, simples!


PaperPlanes.zip 8 MB


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Hi, just to let you know I enjoyed this game after seeing it on a Youtube compilation, and have converted it to the Commodore 64. https://arlagames.itch.io/paper-planes-c64

Can you tell me how you made the following

Pretty cool game, it's kind of similar to my game Send In The Clones have you seen it?

So much fun! If this was ported to mobile i would have it downloaded as that one game to past time with ^^ 

This was one of my viewers' favorite game! It's a very cute concept and I like the simplistic art work. I also like the element of strategy required when setting the red plane loops. Thank you for making!

A perfectly designed game with a simple premise and excellent execution. It's like snake with hidden information, I absolutely adore it!

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